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360北京快乐8开奖结果:Pharmaceutical stocks as the first quarter winner Changsheng Medical Industry Fund leads the industry

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内容摘要: In the first quarter of the shift in market style from value stocks to small and medium-sized companies, pharmaceutical stocks rose rapidly...

In the first quarter of the shift in market style from value stocks to small and medium-sized companies, pharmaceutical stocks rose rapidly and became the biggest bright spot in the quarter. The performance of the related theme funds was equally strong. According to statistics, in the quarterly active equity fund performance TOP20 list, a total of 12 funds are medical/medical concept funds, of which Changsheng medical industry the quantitative fund (002300) ranked the 15th with a yield of 8.25%. name.

Why is the Changsheng medical industry record so strong in the market turmoil? In the industry's view, on the one hand, thanks to the booming drug market, in the short term, the defensive advantages of the biomedical sector are highlighted in the volatile environment of the stock index; in the medium to long term, the pharmaceutical sector has historically been the accumulation of long-term bull stocks. In the future, pharmaceutical stocks are expected to leave the independent market in the future. But to a greater extent, benefit from the quantitative investment strength of Changsheng Fund . According to the statistics, Wangchao personally manages Changsheng's medical industry by quantifying its investment strength. Wang Chao has 10 years of experience in financial engineering and quantitative investment. He used to be a financial engineering researcher in the Financial Engineering and Quantitative Investment Department, and has solid quantitative investment skills. Experienced in portfolio risk management, investment style is good at combining fundamental analysis with quantitative indicators.

In addition to Changsheng Medical, Changsheng's Quantitative Dividend (080005) and Changsheng Quantitative Strategy (003658) both managed by Wang Chao have entered the top 20 active quantitative funds rankings. According to statistics of Galaxy Securities, as of March 30, Changsheng Medical Industry has achieved a yield of 8.25% this year, a return of 15.73% in the past year, and a yield of 15.5% since its establishment in February 2016. Changsheng’s quantitative dividend has come this year. The yield rate is 3.1%, the yield rate in the recent 1 year is 11.95%, 138.05% since its establishment in 2009, and the annualized rate of return is nearly 11%; the quantified multi-strategy of just over the age of the year has grown 0.9% during the year, and the yield rate since its inception was 9.9 %.

According to a decade of research on the pharmaceutical sector cycle, Wang Chao believes that the pharmaceutical industry is currently at the starting point of a new bull market. The current investment in the pharmaceutical industry is a reasonable time. At the same time, Wang Chao also believes that the market's defensive sentiment is heating up in the context of the release of the reform of medical insurance system dividends, low institutional positions, and an increase in uncertainties in the market environment this year. This is also the basis for his judgment that the current pharmaceutical sector is at the starting point of a new bull market.

However, for the average investor, the pharmaceutical industry is a relatively specialized field with a relatively high research threshold. In the face of mixed medical stocks, it is wise to share the bull market in the medical sector through excellent medical themed funds. In Wang Chao’s view, the biggest problem in the investment of pharmaceutical stocks is to look at its profit model. "To see clearly which business the company depends on to make money. On this basis, look at the core drivers of the profit model and its changing trend."

How to choose stocks, Wang Chao introduced, you can use "three bowls of noodles" To solve. The "three bowls of noodles" are fundamental, financial, and technical. In the long run, he believes that the stock price changes of pharmaceutical stocks are highly correlated with fundamentals. It should start with fundamental logic to establish a long-term core strategy. In the short term, stock price volatility will be affected by financial and technical aspects. It is necessary to explore the short-term investment strategy and profitable model that can be copied and repeated, and form a micro investment strategy to provide short-term benefits for the portfolio. "Because short-term capital and technical fluctuations will bring investment opportunities, I am more concerned with the difference between the expected growth in the company's stock price and the expectations given by the market's analyst, . Based on this quantitative method. To find the expected difference, and then based on the expected difference in stock selection transactions."

On how to choose stocks and timing, Wang Chao gave a "qualitative + quantitative" method of stock selection. “Qualitative” is to look for the company’s fundamental inflection point or rising trend of fundamentals to select stocks, and then use “quantitative” means to determine the trading hours.





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